Friday, January 27, 2012

Suspended Animation (2001)

   Tom Kempton (Alex McArthur) goes on a ice fishing trip in Northern Michigan with two of his buddies and finds himself in a bad situation.When Tom crashes his snowmobile on the property of lunatic sisters, Vanessa and Ann Boulette (Laura Esterman and Sage Allen), they hold him captive and threaten to make him their next meal.They have a lovely pantry full of body parts, including a severed penis (yummy, pass the underwear sauce please). Tom later escapes with the help of two friends, just as his head is about to be drilled into by Ann.After Tom's ordeal with the cannibalistic Boulette sisters he becomes obsessed with learning about the life of Vanessa Boulette and creating an animated film with a character based on her.
   Tom finds Clara Hansen (Maria Cina), the daughter that Vanessa gave up for adoption, and makes her the model for his animated character.Clara has no idea who her birth mother is until Tom later reveals it to her because of his concern that her fifteen year old troubled son,Sandor (Fred Meyers), may be a serial killer ( I think it might be the vaginal lips wrapped in aluminum foil that gives it away).
   I liked this movie.It was very well written and acted.Laura Esterman and Sage Allen were convincing psychotic sisters and Alex McArthur was also convincing in his role.I have to admit that I'm a little disappointed that Suspended Animation was a good movie, only because I don't like to reveal too much about the good ones so it gives me less to write about ( I can't stand it when someone ruins a good movie for me). Being the blood and guts loving girl that I am, I think it could have used some serious gore, but it was still entertaining enough without it.Netflix gave Suspended Animation 2.9 out of 5 stars, I give it 3.3. I wasn't able to find a trailer for this movie but I did include a four minute clip from it.

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