Friday, January 13, 2012

Devil's Den (2006)

   Devil's Den is a horror/comedy starring Devon Sawa (Idle Hands,Final Destination), Steven Schub (for a short time), Kelly Hu (Friday the 13th Part VIII), and Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead-1978,Leatherface:The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III).
   Sawa's character, Quinn, and his best friend Nick drive to Mexico and buy a crap-load of Spanish fly with the hopes of selling it to horny college kids.They're on their way home from Mexico when the movie begins and have a funny conversation during which Quinn mentions the donkey show they watched and Nick points out that the girl was bigger than the donkey.Not a pretty visual (don't worry, I mean in my head,the movie thankfully didn't provide one!). They see a sign for a strip club during their drive through the middle of nowhere and decide to stop and try out their newly acquired product.  
   Quinn and Nick aren't in the club very long before the star stripper, Jezebel, takes Quinn behind the club under the guise of a "private lap dance" and instead tries to make a meal of him.Kelly Hu's character, Caitlin, comes to his rescue.Quinn and Caitlin are in the middle of trying to explain what just happened outside when all of the strippers turn into butherfaces and begin to devour the patrons.Ken Foree's character, Leonard, is prepared for what comes as a terrifying surprise to everyone else and starts taking out as many ghoulish strippers as he can.As I mentioned before, Steven Schub  (Nick) isn't in the movie for very long, he lets out a hilarious girly scream right before Jezebel rips his heart out.
  Quinn,Caitlin,Leonard, and dingy waitress, Candy, barricade themselves in the dressing room of the club and begin to discuss what's going on. Leonard tells them that what they have just witnessed are flesh eating ghouls and the only way to kill them is through starvation, which can be achieved by decapitation or injury to the stomach.He goes on to tell them that he's part of a secret organization that's been tracking the queen for months and that by killing her, the girls she's turned will die with her.
   I could go into further detail about Caitlin and Candy but I think it's best not to reveal too much of the movie for those of you who are interested in watching it.I thought this movie was very entertaining.Though there were quite a few cheesy moments it wasn't a really bad kind of cheesy, more of a funny cheesy.For instance, at one point a decapitated head latches onto Quinn's foot and he comically punches it repeatedly before he drop-kicks it.It was far from the best movie I've ever seen but it definitely isn't the worst,at least it was amusing.There was plenty of gore and the acting was good for the most part.Netflix gave Devil's Den 3 out 5 stars and I would say that's pretty accurate.
   Now I must get back to my super demanding job of watching horror movies!I hope you enjoyed my review. 

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