Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Horror Movie Heaven

  As far back as I can remember (and according to my parents, before I can remember),I've been a horror buff.As young as three years old I was scaring off babysitters with my wildly imaginative self made horror stories.When I was able to read and write I began to put them to paper.For some reason I outgrew writing my own horror stories, but the love of the macabre is still with me.I can't watch enough horror movies (even the REALLY bad ones).Streaming movies instantly to my t.v. is like a godsend.I tend to watch at least one horror flick a night!
   My reason for starting this blog is that my husband isn't much of a fan.I usually watch them while he's working to spare him.I love to share my opinions and discuss what I've watched, but it pretty much falls on deaf ears with him.So I thought it would be fun to blog about the horror movies I watch throughout the week.
   I vow to sit all the way through even the most awful of horror movies and report on them no matter how painful.I invite your suggestions of movies I should watch and hope that you will enjoy some of my suggestions.

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