Thursday, March 1, 2012

Autumn (2009)

   Michael,Carl,and Emma are three survivors of a devastating plague that seems to have wiped out most of the world's population.They soon find the plague is the least of their problems as the dead begin to reanimate.
   Michael (Dexter Fletcher),Carl (Dickon Tolson),and Emma (Lana Kamenov) split up from a larger group of survivors that have assembled at the local high school.They find an isolated farmhouse and decide to make themselves comfortable there,possibly indefinitely.The farmhouse is equipped with a generator, located in a shed just outside the main house, which begins to draw the attention of what they call "walkers". The walkers become increasingly smarter and more coordinated throughout the course of the movie.During the first few days at the farmhouse Mike was able to walk right through hordes of walkers to turn off the generator and they would act as if he wasn't even there and disperse immediately after the generator was silenced.When they notice that there is starting to be more and more of them Mike builds a fence (a flimsy joke of a fence) around the house to keep the increasing number of walkers away, which manages to work for a few days, but obviously won't keep them away for forever.Eventually the farmhouse is overrun and Mike and Emma are forced to leave while Carl,who's pretty much given up on life, lures the walkers away and becomes dinner so that Mike and Emma can escape.
   BORING!I was not at all impressed with Autumn.It was painstakingly slow and uneventful.They waited until the last ten minutes of the movie before they really even showed the zombies being violent,besides a scene maybe ten minutes before that when Carl witnessed a group of of them eating a dog (I could care less about a dog being ripped apart.I want to see PEOPLE getting eaten and I'd like to know why I had to wait an hour and forty minutes into an hour and fifty minute movie to see it!). The zombies seemed more interested in lights and noise than in eating the entrails of the living (Time to go back to zombie school you rejects.). I'm pretty sure it's the most non gory zombie movie I've ever seen (Who makes a zombie movie with minimal gore?). I will give them credit for their job on the makeup,the zombies at least LOOKED scary while they were doing absolutely nothing scary.Like I said....BORING!Netflix gave Autumn 2 out of 5 stars but I'm demoting it to 1.3 for making such a boring movie and having the nerve to make it an hour and fifty minute long boring movie.

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