Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Amityville Haunting (2011)

   Douglas (Jason Williams),Virginia Benson (Amy Van Horne), and their three children move into the infamous Amityville house thirty-two years after the Lutz family left (Hello,they left for a reason!). One month later the police find recordings of what the Benson's experienced during their short stay in the house.
   The Benson family, with the exception of youngest child Melanie (Gracie Largent), knows the history of the Amityville house (which no longer even looks like the original house...stupid) but Douglas insists that it's all they can afford.Before they even move into the house their realtor drops dead outside while they're in the house discussing whether or not to buy it (Really?You're still going to buy it?). Teenaged, aspiring movie maker, son Tyler (Devin Clark) has decided he's going to make a documentary about their experiences in their new house and is constantly annoying and invading the privacy of the entire family. A couple of days later the Benson family moves in (Against my better judgement!I yelled at them not to do it!). While moving in one of the movers falls down the stairs with fatal results (Okay, now it's really time to go people!). Virginia, who was against buying the house in the first place, has a problem with the fact that they have lived in the house for one day and have already racked up two dead bodies.Doug, totally unfazed by what has happened, calms her down and convinces her to try and tough it out and give their new house a chance (Oh hell no!I believe that's grounds for divorce girl!). Things get progressively worse from that day on...Melanie's new imaginary friend is John Defeo (Actual 9 year old murder victim in Amityville house in 1974),their back door opens every night at 3:15 am (suspected time of Defeo family massacre), and other random creepy happenings.Douglas installs an alarm because he believes oldest daughter Lori (Nadine Crocker) has been sneaking out and leaving the door open (Who installs an alarm on a haunted house?Isn't that just asking for your neighbors to hate you?It's like dragging them down with you every time the alarm goes off.). Doug, the only skeptic in the house, finally loses it after a couple of more bodies are added to the list of mishaps since their move in.As you can guess the Benson family never makes it out of the house alive (What a shocker,right?!).
   The Amityville Haunting wasn't a very good movie in my opinion.I believe it could have been a little better if they hadn't chosen to do it in the style of Paranormal Activity and if it wasn't the 100th Amityville movie (NO MORE AMITYVILLE MOVIES!!). I loved the original Amityville Horror, it was one of only three movies that ever scared me as a kid (The Exorcist and Salem's Lot were the other two.). I can vividly remember being in the car with my family on the way to the theater in 1979 to see The Amityville Horror.I didn't get to see it until years later when it was on cable because we never made it to the theater that night.We got half way there before having to turn around because it started storming and blowing our car all over the road.Being such a big fan of  the original Amityville movie I was quite disappointed by this one.The acting was just okay,the writing left something to be desired,I was bored, and I was annoyed with the Paranormal Activity style recording that's been done to death.I don't know about everyone else but for me most movies done in this type of style make it more unrealistic for me even though it's intended to have the opposite effect I suppose.Netflix gave The Amityville Haunting 2 out of 5 stars but I think it deserves 1.5 stars.

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