Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tokyo Gore Police (2008)

   Tokyo Gore Police is the uber-bizarre story of Ruka (Eihi Shiina), a female Tokyo police officer trained to kill "engineers" who's body parts, when injured, mutate into deadly weapons.
   Tokyo Gore Police doesn't waste any time getting right to the blood and gore!Within the first minute we're introduced to Koji Tenake (Tak Sakaguchi), an engineer who has kidnapped a woman and barricaded himself in an abandoned building.The Tokyo police, in full s.w.a.t. gear, enter the building and attempt to kill Koji who is armed with a chainsaw and a very nasty disposition.Blood and body parts begin to fly and when Koji's arm is severed causing him to drop his chainsaw, his arm grotesquely grows back and smartens up by growing it's own attached chainsaw.With the s.w.a.t. team failing miserably, Ruka is called in to finish Koji off. Ruka kills Koji using her sword and the chainsaw he was holding when he lost his arm earlier, before he got his fancy new attached model.An autopsy of Koji's body confirms that he is an engineer when they find the characteristic key shaped tumor that must be severed in order to kill them (The fact that a chainsaw grew out of his arm after it was cut off wasn't enough confirmation?).
   When a prostitute is later found cut into several pieces and stuffed into a small box in the subway station, Ruka is sent to work undercover to find the engineer who is responsible (Damn bigots!They just assume it's an engineer because they're freaky mutants.We're not all bad...I mean they're not all bad..).Ruka finds another woman mutilated and stuffed into a box on a subway car and follows the only other person on the car, who doesn't appear to be mutated except for some strange branding type markings on his face, to an abandoned building.Ruka slashes his face across the bridge of his nose during their confrontation and witnesses him mutating when he pulls the top half of his face off and two shotgun barrel type protrusions emerge from his forehead and start shooting at her.With the top half of his face that was left behind the police discover that the engineer Ruka encountered was Akino Miyama aka Keyman (Itsuji Itao), the first engineer.Akino has been reproducing copies of his tumor and inserting them into others to create more engineers.
   Tokyo Gore Police was one of the most insane movies I've ever seen!There is much more I could tell you concerning the plot of the movie, but I prefer not to because you really should watch this movie.I can't possibly get close to fully describing the insanity of this movie without writing a novel length review.Tokyo Gore Police lived up to it's name and was a serious gorefest.I've never seen so much blood in one movie.Gallons upon gallons of spurting and spraying and gushing blood, and let's not forget the crazy mutations ranging from acid shooting nipples to my personal favorite where an engineer gets the bottom half of her body shredded by gunfire and it mutates into a huge alligator type head complete with wicked sharp teeth.There was never a dull moment in Tokyo Gore Police (Well there was this one slow moment...oh wait, that was a different movie...). It was completely over-the-top and outrageous but I loved it! Netflix gave Tokyo Gore Police 2.8 out of 5 stars but it deserves no less than a 4.8 in my book.I feel dirty just from watching it!!Well I'm off to scrub away the shame of enjoying such a display of depravity!!
   By the way..this movie was directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura.I found four other movies directed by him on Netflix and plan to watch them all in the near future.You will read about them here.

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