Friday, March 23, 2012

Doghouse (2009)

   Vince (Stephen Graham) is wallowing in self pity after his marriage ends in divorce, but his friends are ready to come to his rescue by treating him to, what they plan to be, a weekend of heavy drinking and debauchery.Their destination, the small country village of Moodley, in which the women outnumber the men 3:1 is crawling with man hungry ladies...unfortunately for these guys, sex is not what they're hungry for.
   Vince and his well meaning group of misfit friends (Neil,Graham,Mikey,Patrick, and Matt) meet at a local London bar where their hired minibus driver will be picking them up and taking them to Moodley. Banksy (Neil Maskell) has car trouble on his way to the bar to meet the rest of the gang and they take off to Moodley without him.Mikey (Noel Clarke) is the only person familiar with Moodley and the rest of the group isn't very impressed by it when they arrive and they consider leaving.The minibus driver Ruth (named Candy by Neil) decides she'll hang out on the bus for a half hour while they check out the village and decide if they're going to stay.Mikey heads to the house where they'll be staying and sees a female zombie dressed in wedding lingerie eating a dog (Okay, time to go now!!). Meanwhile the rest of the group is having their own zombie encounter.The group finds it's way back together, and considering what they have seen, the vote to get the hell out of there is unanimous, unfortunately when they return to the bus Ruth/Candy is in the process of turning.When the guys run into Sgt. Gavin Wright (Terry Stone) they're informed that the population of Moodley has been overrun by a virus that only infects women.The guys get separated while fighting off crazed weapon wielding undead.Graham (Emil Marwa),Mikey, and Sgt. Gavin are trapped in a women's clothing boutique (which later comes in hilariously handy for them), Matt (Lee Ingleby) and Vince are trapped in a toyshop,Patrick is trapped on a billboard, and Neil (Danny Dyer) has been taken hostage by an extremely unattractive overweight zombie in her nightgown and hair rollers (!). Neil, self proclaimed ladies man, tries to seduce the woman holding him hostage and can barely keep himself from vomiting from the sight of her.Banksy finally shows up in the middle of all of the mayhem and the guys think they're on their way out until Banksy takes them to his rental car which, of all things, is a tiny smart car (I totally lost it on that one!!I had to pause so that I wouldn't miss anything while I was laughing my ass off.). Of course there have been casualties along the way and the remaining guys decide to go for the bus again.
   Doghouse was a winner.Great acting,fantastic humor, and just enough gore to satisfy my evil bloodlust (Bwahahaha...). Doghouse definitely had it's cheesy moments, but they were intentional, and very funny.I can't think of anything bad to say about Doghouse, in fact, I have to say that there was only one black man in the movie and they let him live, so that's extra points in my book.Don't worry, I'm not under the illusion that if there's ever a zombie invasion or any other supernatural event in which several people die, that my black ass will survive! I know it's just a movie! Netflix rated Doghouse 3.1 out of 5 stars, but I enjoyed it enough to give it a 3.9., okay a 4.3 for not killing off the black guy.

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