Monday, February 6, 2012

Yellow Brick Road (2010)

   Teddy (Michael Laurino) and Melissa Barnes (Anessa Ramsey) lead a team of explorers into New Hampshire wilderness to gather information for a book Teddy is writing.Seventy years ago all of the inhabitants of Friar,New Hampshire left behind everything and walked the mysterious trail never to been seen alive again.
   Teddy and his team arrive in Friar to find that no one is willing to talk to them about the trail or the incident seventy years ago.Teddy's coordinates lead them to a movie theater in town where he meets Liv (Laura Heisler). Liv agrees to show the team where the trail is if she's allowed to tag along with them and get away from her mundane existence in Friar for a while.The farther along the team gets on their hike,the stranger things become for them.They begin having more and more problems with their GPS and other instruments,not to mention each other.The team slowly starts to turn on one another as they're being driven insane by some weird old fashioned music coming from nowhere ( scary,not!).
   Although there was good acting and a couple of notable gory scenes,I was not a big fan of this movie.I kept waiting for something scary to happen and it never came.The most interesting part of the movie was when brother and sister Erin and Daryl Luger get into a fight that ends in Daryl (Clark Freeman) ripping Erin's (Cassidy Freeman) leg off (Oh how cute, they're really brother and sister...barf!). Besides that tasty little tidbit of gore, I was bored to tears.Yellow Brick Road could have at least finished with a good ending to make up for almost making me nod off during the rest of the movie, but that didn't happen.The ending was as stupid and boring as the beginning and middle.I can't figure out why this movie was even classified as a horror movie ( a dead body dressed as a scarecrow does not a horror movie make,I've seen scarier images in public bathrooms).
   I really felt Yellow Brick Road was a waste of my time.Netflix gave it 2.5 out of 5 stars but I'll give it a demotion to 2 for making me hang in there with the hope of something interesting happening eventually and not delivering and a further demotion to 1.8 for making me sleepy.

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