Tuesday, February 7, 2012

11/11/11 (2011)

   Jack (John Briddell), Melissa (Erin Coker), and Nathan Vale move to a small town with no knowledge that their new neighborhood is filled with Satanists looking forward to their arrival.Ten year old Nathan (Hayden Byerly) is turning eleven on 11/11/11 in just a few days and is expected to bring Hell on earth with him.
   The whole town goes to great lengths to make sure that Nathan's satanic transformation goes as planned.Pregnant Melissa's new doctor puts her on bed rest ensuring that she'll need a nurse to take care of her, and a nanny to take care of Nathan.Melissa's nurse keeps her sedated and loopy most of the time so that Denise (Aurelia Scheppers), the evil nanny, can encourage Nathan's dark side (His dark side doesn't consist of much, every ten year old boy burns insects and throws rocks at neighbors.Not impressed!). Annie (Madonna Magee), who is know as the town's crazy lady, spends the entire movie marking off the days until Nathan's birthday on her calender and trying to lure him to her house to kill him.Annie, like everyone else in town , knows who or what Nathan is, but is on the side of good (How is Annie considered the crazy one in a town full of Satanists?).
   11/11/11 wasn't that great of a movie.They went a bit overboard with the eleven theme in my opinion.Every time they showed a clock there was an eleven and it was quite often.Their address added up to eleven, (Okay,now I'm annoyed,no joke,I just checked the time and it's 2:11), every newspaper,book, or magazine had an eleven somewhere and they made damn sure you saw it.Okay I get it!!                                 There wasn't much gore to speak of which was disappointing (Satanic stories should be good and bloody!). I have no complaints about the acting,everyone did well as far as that's concerned.There were just a few things about this movie that made no sense and could have been left out.For instance, there were deep claw marks on one of the walls of the house when the Vale's moved in and there was never any explanation as to why, yet they tried to make it seem significant.11/11/11 was basically a rip off of The Omen, but nowhere near as good (I'm guilty of naming my, now 17 year old, son Damien by the way.) Nathan was nowhere near menacing enough.I think it could have been a somewhat better movie if they had bothered to make Nathan creepier.Netflix gave 11/11/11 1.7 out of 5 stars and I have to agree.By the way... there are two 11/11/11 movies both released in 2011, the other is 11-11-11.

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  1. Yeah, this movie was disappointing. I wonder how good the other one, 11-11-11, is.