Thursday, April 5, 2012

Love Object (2004)

   Love Object is a touching love story about a man and his $10,000 silicone sex doll (I'm sorry, did  I say "touching" ? I meant "creepy".). Kenneth Winslow (Desmond Harrington) is a socially awkward copywriter who explores his sexuality with his sex doll Nikki (played by a skanky mannequin). When Kenneth gets the courage to make a move on the human object of his affection, his assistant Lisa, his doll becomes extremely jealous and Kenneth starts to lose his mind.
   As a joke Kenneth's coworkers show him an advertisement for the realistic sex doll "Nikki". Kenneth who has a crush on his new assistant Lisa (Melissa Sagemiller) later orders Nikki over the internet and designs her to look like Lisa.When his doll arrives he doesn't waste any time taking her out of the crate and making sweet love to her (okay, it was more like two minutes of carnal animal sex...two minutes?Poor Nikki.). Through experimentation with Nikki, Kenneth adds several new positions and kinky practices to his repertoire and begins to see Nikki as his girlfriend, even having conversations with her as if she's speaking to him.Kenneth eventually gets the nerve up to ask Lisa out and as their relationship blossoms and he starts spending less time with Nikki she becomes jealous and threatens to tell Lisa about their relationship (??? Wow, she doesn't even speak...I would like to have seen how that scenario played out!). He begins to try and shut Nikki out, but when he leaves her on the couch for the night he wakes to find her in his bed choking him and even comes home to find her with a knife in her hand and slashed pictures of Lisa.Eventually Kenneth can't take anymore of his psycho sex doll's harassment and dismembers her in his bathtub and throws her in a dumpster outside of his apartment building (I loved how he did it in a bathtub as if there was going to be Nikki really the one with the mental problem here? I think not.I can't believe he would treat Nikki that way...I'm willing to bet she let him do unspeakable things to her sexually without a single protest and he just dumps her for a real girl who probably only enjoys the missionary position!). Lisa later finds the sex doll advertisement in Kenneth's office and freaks out on him when she realizes his "stalker ex-girlfriend Nikki" is actually a doll and that the suit he bought her and the haircut he suggested for her looks just like the "Nikki" doll advertisement.So Kenneth now having blown it with his human girlfriend and his silicone girlfriend completely loses his mind.
   Not a great movie.Nikki was so creepy looking that I find it hard to believe that even the most desperate man could stand to have sex with knew Love Object wasn't going to be a good movie but I couldn't resist watching it.My feelings about this movie are actually very conflicted...I have no complaints as far as the acting goes (except for maybe Nikki, her performance was pretty bland), it was very well acted. I think the creepy looking sex doll who spoke but didn't really speak and moved supposedly but you never saw it, just rubbed me the wrong way.It just left me wondering if the doll was really jealous of Lisa or if he was just insane (probably the latter). I'm having a hard time pinpointing exactly what made me dislike Love Object so much but the fact is I just didn't like it.I will however give it credit for having a totally unexpected ending.Netflix rated Love Object 2.8 out of 5 stars.I say 2.3.

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